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7 Inch Touch-Control Monitor for Truck & Bus
7 Inch Touch-Control Monitor for Truck & Bus
  •  4 camera inputs; camera title can be set(maximum 8 characters). 
  •  Single, dual, triple, quad, trefoil, Y-split image and PIP functions available.
  •  The boot-strap display can be set as your perfect display mode.
  •  Four trigger wire control auto switching between cameras.
  •  With trigger wire for dual picture, the relative cameras can be combined optionally.
  •  Priority of trigger wire can be set up.
  •  Backup distance grid & left / right-turning indicator arrow available.
  •  Volume, brightness, color, contrast and sharp of each camera can be separately set up.
  • Mirror/normal image for each camera can be separately selected.
  • Auto switch to blue screen when there is no video input
  •  Live video output:connected monitor can display synchronously.
  •  REC video output, and picture can be single or split.
  • Auto scan available and image switching time from 1-60 seconds.
  •  Operates from 10-32V.
  •  Support max. 4X300mA power output.
  • Power short protection
  •  On-board speaker.
  • With touch buttons control.
  • With IR remote control 

Distance Label
7 Inch Digital Color LCD  Touch-Control Monitor for Truck & Bus-Distance Label
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