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Stay Out Of a Truck's Blind Spot


A school in china recently held a traffic safety lesson illustrating how to stay out of a truck’s blind spot. It is showed in the above picture that the front and rear of the truck and left area can accommodate up to 50 primary school students. And blind spots of a truck are far more than these three areas.

As is shown in the picture, area A, B and C are half blind spots. Danger depends on the size of the car. Area D and E are blind spots.


Though many assume truck drivers have a better view of the road because they are higher off the ground and have larger mirrors, trucks actually have bigger blind spots. Staying in a truck’s blind spot means that the truck driver can not see you or your car, posing a huge safety risk and potentially leading to a serious accident.

Passing a truck means you will have to go through a blind spot, however briefly. Show the driver you intend to pass as early as you can so they have enough time to see you and prepare for you to pass.

For truck drivers, installing an on-board camera monitoring system in the vehicle can greatly reduce the range of blind spots in the truck, thereby improving driving safety. STONKAM® has 360° high-definition panoramic driving system. Users can install cameras on the front and rear of a truck. Through panoramic image synthesis technology, the 4-channel 1080p full HD images can be calibrated and seamlessly stitched. During driving process, the pedestrians and vehicles around the truck can be viewed in real time on the monitor so that to reduce the safety hazard of blind spots.

In addition, users can install STONKAM®s 12.3-inch 1080P high-definition electronic rearview mirror system instead of the traditional rearview mirrors. Truck drivers no longer need to pay extra attention on vehicles and pedestrians of both sides of the vehicle. The four sides of a truck can be viewed by the electronic rearview mirror.

Except large trucks, vehicles such as muck trucks, cement mixer trucks, fence trucks, flatbed trucks, buses and agricultural dump trucks are also applicable to the above vehicle monitoring products.

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