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DMS Driver Status Monitoring System


Stonkam DMS driver status monitoring system support driver ID recognition,fatigue monitoring, distraction monitoring, and other driving behavior monitoring, and issue alerts in time to remind the driver. It suits for fields like logistics, freight, public transportation, intelligent driving,with an aim to increase driving safety and make fleet management more effective and convenient!

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【Aberrant Behavior Detection and Alarm】Fatigue detection, distraction detection, phone call detection, smoking detection, no driver detection, no mask detection, no seat belt detection, camera block detection, infrared blocking glasses detection, and drinking water detection, etc

【ID Recognition】 Driver identification, up to 400 certifications

【Remote Monitoring and Alarm】The vehicle operation company can monitor the driver's status in real-time via the user platform. Should any abnormal behavior and status occur, the remote platform will send alarms automatically

【Audio Alarm & Video Alarm】When aberrant driving baheviors are detected, the device will issue alarms and record the video

【All-whether Working Capability】Strong adaptability to driving environment, working 24/7, not limited by weather conditions  and day/might shift

【Auto Sensativity Adjustment】Stop or start working according to vehicle speed

【WIFI SettingCan access parameter setting on mobile phone via WiFi connection

【Powerful Compatibility】Support AHD/CVBS/fast ethernet output and RTSP, ISO17215 and other network protocols. Strong compatibility and wide application range

Power supply

10~36V DC

Power consumption

Max 4W

Built-in camera module parameters

FHD 1920x1080P/25f or 1920x1080P/30f

Video output

1CH, AHD, 1920x1080/25f or 1920x1080/30f

Video compression


Video record resolution

720P or 1080P

Recording parameters

The recording file is in MP4 format, 128G Micro SD card

Audio compression


WIFI module parameters

802.11b/g/n 150Mbps

Operating temperature

-20°C ~ +60°C

Storage temperature

-40°C ~ +85 ℃


110x86.5x64 mm





Speaker power

Max. 2W

Video output

AHD/CVBS/Fast ethernet

Network protocol





Why do we need a driver status monitoring system?


Nearly 90% of vehicle accidents are caused by unhealty driving behaviors such as fatigue, distraction, and making phone calls. Such accients threatens social well-being, people's lives and property, and need to be solved urgently!
The system can monitor the driver's driving status nonstoppingly and timely issue warnings for abnormal driving behavior, reducing road accidents caused by such unhealthy driving behaviors.For vehicle operations companies, it improves the efficiency of fleet management and securtity of the personnel, reducing accident compensation costs; For insurance companies, it provides  claim basis and accurate risk assessment; For government regulatory authorities, it is a great help in road safety management.

driver camera system




STONKAM® Driver Status Monitoring System is dedicated in Safe Driving

It saves worries of drivers, operating companies, insurance companies, and regulatory authorities!



Smart&automatic alarm for safe driving

With visual imaging and deep learning technologies, Stonkam driver status monitoring system can collect driver's facial identity, head gesture and facial features and detect driver's status based on of aberrant driving behavior detection model calculation. If any abnormal driving behavior (e.g. fatigue, distraction, smoking, making phone calls, no seat belt, no driver)occur, an audible and visual alarm will be issued.

driver fatigue


Fatigue driving detection (no mask/wearing mask/yawning) provides intelligent safety protection for drivers and passengers

driver monitoring camera


Driver behavior alarm (distraction/making phonecalls/smoking), monitor and remind the driver to driver properly

driving monitoring device


Detection of other driving behaviors (ID recognition/not wearing mask detection//infrared blocking detection/off duty detection/seat belt detection/camera occlusion detection) to enhance the efficiency of staff and vehicle manegement

driver fatigue monitoring system



Remote Monitoring and Alarm

When integrated with MDVR system, the operation center can supervise driver's status in real time. Should there be an alart that shows inproper driving behaviors, the operation center can issue a voice commands or initiate intercoms to correct driver behavior, reducing traffic accident rates. In-depth driving behavior analysis can conducted based on it to improve operational efficiency for the fleet, reduce claims for insurance companies, and help government regulatory authorities in road safety management.

driver camera system


How does it work?

driver fatigue

Driver Status Monitoring



All-whether Working Capability

Strong adaptability to driving environment, working 24/7, not limited by weather conditions  and day/night shift.

driver fatigue



Flexible operation via mobile phone

By connecting device WiFi, you can access driver fatigue monitoring system webui, in which you can do system calibration, face ID management, video query and parameter setting, so the overall operation is more flexible and can servce the working scenario better.

driver monitoring camera



Audible & Video Alarm 
When the system detects abnormal driving behaviors, it will automatically give alarms and record for about 20 seconds of 720P/1080P HD resolution on 1 x 128GB (Max.) Micro SD card. 

driving monitoring device



Auto Sensativity Adjustment
The system records the vehicle position and speed through GPS when alarm recording occurs. And it automatically stops working when the speed is lower than the starting speed set by the APP (0-25km/h), you don’t have to manually turn off the system when it’s not needed, for example, when it’s severe traffic jam. 

driving monitoring device




STONKAM® Driver Monitoring System is appliable in various scenarios, such as buses, school buses, trucks,sediment trucks, bogies, oil tankers, etc., to enhance  driving safety.

vehicle driver monitoring system

driver monitoring system

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