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"Ingenious Quality, Innovative Vision" 2016 STONKAM Annual Awards Ceremony and 2017 STONKAM Spring


STONKAMs 2016 Annual Awards Ceremony, also the 2017 Spring Festival Gala, held on Jan. 23rd in Guangzhou Wakingtown Hotel, under the theme of "Ingenious Quality, Innovative Vision". Over 300 people, including all STONKAM employees and their families, as well as some representatives of suppliers, gathered to celebrate the fruitful 2016 and incoming promising 2017.

The topic of the ceremony of 2016 is set to be "Ingenious Quality, Innovative Vision". Looking back to the opportunities and challenges in the last year, STONKAM stably grew with the leadership of Mr. Stone in the guidance of three core values "customer first, quality excellence, innovation infinity" . STONKAM accomplished several products updating, achieved many practical patents and software copyright, and obtained the honor of High - tech enterprise. The greatest news is that STONKAM has accomplished the annual sales target of 2016 ahead of two months, which encourages every "Stonkamer".

All the achievements rely on every suppliers great support and every Stonkamers hard-work. In the ceremony, the leaders of STONKAM awarded every excellent staff, team and supplier to thank their contribution to the company. Meanwhile, the leaders encouraged every staff and supplier to devote more passion to the work in 2017.

After the ceremony, STONKAM prepared a banquet for every attendant, moreover, an amazing Spring Festival Gala was presented to everyone. All kinds of unique dances, comedies and so forth, which definitely ignite the day of attendants. The highest tide came with the lucky draw, which made everyone to scream because of excitement and surprise. The lucky one got exquisite gift prepared by the company.

With the music of "memorable tonight" on, the ceremony and the 2017 Spring Festival gala ended in a joyful atmosphere.

In the coming new year, we sincerely hope that every stonkamer can devote to the work with more passion and focus, making more contribution to the company and the whole community. Stonkam will never stop pursuing perfection and better quality.

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