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• Brand Connotation
{• Brand Connotation}

Our trademark STONKAM®, STON taken from the abbreviation of brand founder Shi Ximins English name, KAM taken from the abbre-viation of "camera" in German "KAMERA" (equivalent to humans third eye), is a direct expression of Mr Shi Ximins admiration for the exquisite German industrial technology, also implies STONKAM® will follow the German industrial standard to build the Chinese wisdom brand in the post-industrial age.

We advocate learning and going beyond ourselves. We encourage breakthrough and innovation. We are down to earth and we defy fierce competition. We are a big family that keeps making progress, peruses excellence and bears our initial dream in mind. As it is indicated from the basic color blue-green of the logo “STONKAM®”, blue symbolizes the vast and magnificent ocean while green symbolizes dream and hope. The combination of blue and green has highlighted the spirit of grandness and progress. That is our brand, representing a robust strength in rear view industry.

The trademark is attached with abundant meaning. Firstly, being consisted of pure English letters,STONKAM® possesses the characteristic of modernity and internationalization. Secondly, the basic color of the trademark: blue and green, symbolizes the profound connotation and permanent vitality.

• Three core values
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    We believe in the management concept of customer first and make quick response to our customer needs backed by highly professional technical support, dedicating to offer our customers the best products and service and constantly maximize the value of every customer.
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    In obedience to IATF 16949: 2016 quality management system, we strictly guard every single section from supply chain to product line in order to make sure each product delivered is premium.
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    We stick to implement the management concept of innovation infinity throughout the whole technique, organization, management and strategy process within the company, maximizing the value of the company and also delivering the most perfect total solution to our valued customers.
• Brand (Enterprise) Concept
{• Brand (Enterprise) Concept}


Worlds leading supplier of vision solutions.


To provide innovative and quality vision products for a better life.


To be first-class enterprise, to create first-class brand.

Service concept:

Adhering to the idea of customer-oriented and keep improving service quality.

Quality policy:

Keep improving to meet customers needs.

Views of employment:

We hire virtuous and talented people.
We train virtuous but talentless people.
We cautiously hire talented but virtueless people.
We refuse talentless and virtueless people.

• STONKAM® Spirit

We devote ourselves to our career. We will continuously improve our professionalism and aim to become the leading expert in our industry. This is the brand philosophy we have valued all along, that is, "Being Concentrated, Being Professional and Being an Expert". 

  •                                       Focus

  •      Professionalism

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• STONKAM® Culture

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